Floor Scales

Floor scales are used for a variety of reasons. These are a type of industrial scale used to weigh very large and heavy items. Floor scales are usually electronic that have a weight capacity ranging from 2500 pounds to 20,000 pounds. The floor scales also come with floors of a variety of sizes and can be made custom.

Arlyn Scales is a floor scale company.  They will manufacture any custom sized floor scale, but mostly the scales come in rdeck-floorscalesizes of two by two feet, three by three feet, four by four feet, five by five feet and more.

Depending on the application, floor scales are also to be considered by the names of pallet scales, drum scales, tank scales or cylinder scales. Floor scales are made to be heavy duty. For instance, a company who loads pallets on floor scales to weigh them would need a heavy duty scale. If a heavy duty floor scale is used, it can limit possible accidents between the fork lift and the floor scale. Arlyn scale’s offer such floor scales as these heavy duty scales. They are made with stainless steel load sensors.

Another purpose for floor scales is to permanently mount large liquid tanks on a large floor scale. Arlyn scales allows for interfaces to be placed on the tank scales to be more easily monitored from a computer system. The scale can be directly plugged into the USB port on a computer. Also with an Ethernet cable the scale can be connected on a local network. With these adapt ions it no wonder business can make such great use of floor scales. From warehouses to vet clinics floor scales can be of great use for any reason and for any company.